The competitive advantages of SAP Basis Services over others have uplifted its users from none to 12 million in more than 120 countries to date and have secured the 3rd rank as a largest software supplier worldwide. The explosion of SAP and the dearth of the SAP professionals has made an in house SAP maintenance and enhancement a big budget matter for the organizations, to this point investing in the offshore SAP support services can be a clever move.

We are world’s prominent SAP professionals, and a preferred partner for the industries which are in quest of the SAP BASIS support and maintenance services. Our dexterous team of SAP is instrumental in providing far reaching SAP BASIS support services to 100+ small to large scale organizations worldwide, exhibits our vogue at the world scale.


13+ years of global experience and best practices that promotes us to implement a state of the art solution that uplift your business.


Customer satisfaction is the most enviable service that we provide by being available 24/7/365 along with going the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfactory solution.


We value every industry be it small, medium or large and hence have set up different level of service to match their needs abreast budget.

Remote or On-Site: We Are the Best Bet

We truly care about our customers and hence we offer a scalable solution for your SAP basis services requirements by proposing different alternative for your requirements. We offer on-site, remote as well as a combination of the both. Our support team is adept enough to understand and address a wide range of the support service, which incorporates:

SAP Basis Support
Offshore SAP Basis Support
SAP Basis Support Consultant
SAP Basis Support
SAP Basis Expert
Offshore SAP Basis Support
SAP Basis Support Services

How We Work – SAP basis support consultant?

Our SAP basis experts conduct a thorough assessment of the end user support and maintenance processes in addition to the different service levels. Further, they also study all roles and responsibility of every SAP support team in order to understand the entire system and enable flawless transition of the support process.

We instigate the SAP basis support with level 1 and while customer feels comfortable with our approach towards their organization, we progress to the second and meanwhile third level of the SAP basis support and strive to deliver incredible service and support for each level. Different SAP basis support service that we provide for each level is delineated below:

Level 1 Support Tasks Level 2 Support Tasks Level 3 Support Tasks
System Monitoring & Support Complex Landscapes and New Dimension SAP Products Excellent Support for Database Recovery
System Performance Support Package Applications Implementing the Solutions Provided by SAP
Batch Scheduling and Monitoring Description Profile Parameter Alteration – As per SAP Recommendation
DR Log Shipping Monitor Issues Kernel Update R3 Performance Tuning
Workload Analysis SAP Printer Configuration Domain Controller Alteration or Reconfigurations
Update Errors Standard R/3 Profiles Parameter Settings Database Parameter Alteration as per SAP Recommendations
Update Dump Analysis Operation Modules Implementing latest Products
User and Security Management SAP Client Refresh SAP Migrations
Transport Analysis Support for SAP online Support System
Missing Indexes / Critical Tables
RFC Connections
Raising Issues to R2 Support

Our team is comprised of SAP basis experts with over 13+ years of global SAP experience who can facilitate you leverage SAP investment to the foremost and accomplish your company’s objective. Our SAP experts are qualified to expeditiously retort any type of queries associated with SAP basis in order to ensure SAP performance is complicating your business objectives.



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Exclusiveness of our SAP Basis Support Service

  • Any Time Support

    We are available on holidays and weekends too, 24x7x365.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    Our expertise in solving any type of queries ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Handle Peak Times

    A huge team of experts enables us to handle peak times with an easy.

  • Cost Control with offshore

    Get qualified SAP consultant for your project at half of the price of on-site SAP consultants.

Strong Reasoning for Our SAP BASIS Support

SAP BASIS SERVICES is a fundamental part of the SAP as it manages all the administration and maintenance tasks all through SAP landscape, from overseeing users to overseeing the flow of data between different modules of your organization. The SAP BASIS administration is not a catwalk; it requires a professional BASIS support team having a profound understanding of both technical as well as the strategic side of your SAP system and business. Other than, it requires a good tempo between the IT department and executive layer too, and hence a supportive and proficient team is must to get every job done successfully.

  • We guarantee for the seamless SAP performance at lower prices.

Needless to say that every organization deals with the different level of the SAP basis Services and as the size of the organization varies the intricacy of the SAP system too. As the intricacy of the SAP system raises the level of attention requires to pay on the organization is crucial to maintain the small concerns of the SAP landscape and prevent the turning of the small sized problems into major one. In short, a generic organization with the SAP system requires paying notable attention above and beyond everything. The admin has to pay attention on the several operations associated with the SAP system, including update, optimization and communication with each other, in conjunction with regular backups.

There is much more than a brief we have mentioned above in the SAP basis support that includes examination of system logs for a different applications, Operating system and hardware concerns each day. Overlook on the a single warning, error, termination, security notification or other bizarre event could point to a major issue that perhaps suspend system functionality and ultimately a big loss of the organization. The job of the SAP basis support provider does not end up here, they also have to inspect for terminating updates, jobs, dumps, checks, performance statistics for the system and enact a security check too. The SAP basis support provider is also responsible for analyzing different levels of the system, as of fine tuning database to profound performance supervision. The described job responsibilities are the few of the thorough list that need to be undertaken everyday to keep SAP system running flawlessly in the organization.

The more solemn issue with the SAP Basis support is, there is no bar of time in resolving the problem if occurred in the system, it may take hours too. When the system sends an alert or user cannot access the system, the SAP administrator needs to be on the site to act immediately and fix the problem. Such problem can take hours to fix it, or and if your SAP administrator is not available, you can get stuck too.  Finding a new SAP consultant is time consuming in addition to understanding the landscape of your SAP.

We SAP Basis experts have proposed an extra ordinary solution for the organizations, providing offshore SAP basis support 24/7. We assign two SAP basis consultants for an each SAP Basis who knows your system inside out in order to continuously keep watch on your system bugs and any notifications and act immediately upon an error. If user finds something unusual, they may call directly to our SAP basis experts and ask for the solutions at the moment and SAP basis support provider are also available at the site, if is required. That means by availing our SAP basis support service, you can rest assured about the SAP performance and that is also at lower prices than hiring in house technician.

  • Our proper administration ensures all the data is accessible across the organization without trouble

SAP Basis is a heart of the IT together, as your organization perhaps has many of SAP systems, but they all rely on SAP basis. You SAP system may run on a different OS, use different database platforms and use an exclusive architecture to transfer data across worldwide and that all have been possible because of the SAP Basis, that works as an interface between different OS, Communication protocols, database and business applications (FI, CO, MM, etc) and enable different segments to communicate with each other by means of the SAP basis and that is the reason SAP basis services has become the heart of the IT and SAP has becoming the choice of today’s business to improve the productivity of the system and ultimately fiscal profit of the organization.

By means of the SAP and SAP Basis, the organization is enable to access different segments of the same, without SAP basis, fulfillment centers cannot transport products or order new stock about customer orders, marketing sectors cannot project conversions or compute return on investment, and employee cannot make any serious verdicts without accessing information of the organization. In a nutshell, if the information does not flow correctly in the organization, none job can be done properly.

Therefore SAP basis is indispensable and requires proper administration to ensure all the data is accessible across the organization without trouble, however administrating the SAP basis is not a piece of cake, it requires a strong technical background in addition to thorough understanding of how a business is running and how different segments of the business are working together. The newbie might be proficient in fixing errors or enhancing the performance of the system, but unable to counsel you an effective system, which may decline your business too.

VSD technologies is an Indian organization having a notable strength of the SAP basis professionals, who holds great experience in the SAP Basis Support. The combination of the experience and frequent trainings makes our team of the SAP basis support more influential and intelligent when it is matter of SAP basis support. They hold strong analytical skills, foresight and leadership skills in addition to the technical prowess and hence able to provide you righteous guidance other than the administrating the process and fixing errors and thusly helps organization to push their business up by successfully accomplishing the strategic objective of thereof.

  • In the large scale organization close cooperation and fine tuning between each SAP expert is paramount, and that is what we have.

Our SAP basis support is a mainstay of the organization no matter is small or large scale to administer the entire processes and keep them running without any heckle. However, the small scale organization may require single SAP basis administrator than that of the large scale organization and alone can administer the whole system, from the operating system to the application layer, whilst large scale organization requires more strength to administer each module separately and hence it incorporates developers, engineers and IT security experts and other SAP administrative staff.

And to successfully run the SAP system in the large scale organization with close cooperation and fine tuning between each SAP expert is paramount. The SAP Basis admin requires dealing with database engineers and server engineers, whilst the harmonization with the support staff and security staff is equally determined to prevent breaches and control access. Therefore, leadership is a prominent and essential for the large scale organization in order to successfully provide SAP basis support and ultimately smoothly run the SAP system.

VSD SAP basis support staff is everything that a business seek for, a truly proficient and congenial IT team that is trained to provide a complete SAP basis associated solutions across medium to large scale industries by working closely and pleasantly with each concerned person and delivers truly worth the SAP basis support and solution that ensures absolutely untroubled business processes.  Whether you need an on-site SAP basis support or offshore SAP basis support, we can provide all you want at the competitive rates.

  • We constantly keeps eye on the system and processes in order to ensure customer are going in the right flow.

In addition to running the organization smoothly, SAP basis support helps foreseeing the future requirements of your system and thusly helps prevent the decline. However, SAP basis experts need to learn the SAP landscape inside out, which covers available resources, workload and rate of growth and are one who has the information about the upgrade requirements.  Despite of, there are many organizations where the SAP basis support provider does not indulge in, and resulted in the poor organizational performance at the end of the year.

VSD SAP basis support staff is trained constantly keeps an eye on the system and processes in order to ensure customer are going in the right flow. Our SAP basis experts frequently confront with customer concerning SAP implementations, upgrades and migrations in order to enhance the performance of the organization and prevent any slow down. This all covered in the SAP basis support from our side, which slashes your investment, unlikely to the high prices investment you made in your IT infrastructure for the same and that is one of the reasons for our prominence as the SAP basis support provider worldwide.

Why SAP Basis Support is required?

It is not uncommon to the organization which is operating on the SAP system that SAP basis services (Business Application Software Integrated Solution) is a cardinal part of the SAP system to making it excel unfailingly. SAP basis is renowned as a bridge between different SAP applications that enables interacting of database, OS, communication protocols and different SAP applications like FI, CO, MM, etc. The failure of the SAP basis terminates the way for the different application to interact with each other and ultimately close down the entire system and hence constant monitoring of the SAP basis is a never compromising task to run the SAP system successfully in the organization. Further, SAP basis monitoring is also intrinsic for fast solution and making the intricate processes smoother and simpler to manage and thusly enhance overall performance of the organization and the fiscal profit.

We as a sap basis experts holds profound knowledge of the SAP basis and have proven our strength by successfully delivering off-site as well as on-site SAP basis support services to make the organization work flawlessly and efficiently, the acknowledgement of the hundreds of customers is an unuttered evidence of our influence across globe.

Why Off-shore / Remote SAP Basis Support – Small-Medium Scale Organization

Hiring an SAP basis consultant for the small scale industries has become costlier due to the high rates. Secondly, the simple configuration of the small scale SAP system requires rare maintenance than that of the medium to large scale industries and hence assigning SAP basis expert can be costlier from this perspective. The SAP basis monitoring requires the experienced SAP basis consultant, hiring an experienced one for the same is big budget affair and hence not at all sagacious approach.

VSD techno thoroughly comprehends the budgetary constraint of the small scale industries for run the IT operations and hence propose an offshore SAP basis support or can say remote SAP basis support to resolve all SAP issues in half price. VSD techno has developed an extensive team of the SAP basis experts for providing state of the art offshore SAP basis support and monitoring at principally lower rates than that of in house SAP basis support that helps boost the system performance in addition to ensures interruption free SAP system.

Why Off-shore / Remote SAP Basis Support – Medium to Large Scale Organization

The large scale organizations have a more complex SAP system, demands higher extent of monitoring in order to make the processes faster and simpler, is a tough row to hoe for newbie and hence require experienced SAP basis experts, holding profound knowhow in different OS, database, networks and business applications make the processes efficient and simpler, is a tough row to hoe for newbie. As the SAP system is vast, requires a higher number of SAP basis support provider having an expertise in a particular module. Employing SAP basis support provider in addition to administrator, engineers and it security experts, is quite extravagant matter in addition to the complex. VSD techno is a celebrated organization, in the business of providing offshore SAP basis support for many years, has certified SAP basis support provider holds significant expertise in the allied domain and able to provide state of the art SAP basis support and monitoring at the best rates from the remote location that not only reduces your expense but also ensure smoother and simpler SAP system operations. Our SAP basis support team has proven its dominion in different database, network, OS and business applications, who learns SAP landscape thoroughly and provide incredible SAP basis support to abolish your fret associated with the SAP system.

What You Can Expect From VSD SAP Basis Support

  • 24/7 SAP basis monitoring and support
  • SAP Basis Administration to any system landscape such as ECC, BI, BO, SRM,
  • CRM, Enterprise Portal, APO etc.
  • Offshore SAP basis support as well as on site SAP basis support (if required)
  • SAP basis support in different languages as per requirement
  • Frequent Technical up gradation of the system for efficient performance
  • Daily Job Monitoring as well as frequent maintenance activities
  • All SAP Versions Up gradation to the latest version
  • Database Version Up gradation to the latest version
  • Patch Update as well as Kernel Upgrade
  • Availability to your business even on holidays
  • Prompt response to any SAP issues and solution
  • State of the art SAP basis supports at competitive rates
  • Worldwide accessibility of our SAP basis experts
  • FI, CO, MM business application support
  • Disaster Recovery Assurance
  • DB/OS/VM and infrastructure support
  • Low cost SAP basis support, unlikely to employing full time employees
SAP Basis Expert

On Availing Our SAP Basis Support Service, We are Responsible For

  • Daily monitoring, administration, troubleshooting and tuning of all SAP ECC, BW and solution manager landscapes
  • Perform SAP software installation, and upgrades
  • Optimize the SAP application and database performance in order to deliver foremost efficiency
  • Provide prompt response to infrastructure associated problems and resolve it
  • Provide prompt support in matter of disaster recovery
  • Perform frequent checks in order to ensure systems perform at the best level to comply or surpass the SLA needs.
  • Perform advanced analysis and implement solutions or correction based on SAP guidelines
  • Provide guidance to the on-site team during the build, test and associated operations for SAP implementation
  • Provide comprehensive support for SAP basis administration in both proactive and reactive modes
  • Provide solutions for multi landscape designs, architecture as well as strategies for all time availability for end users
  • Maintain multi landscape SAP basis through remote copies and system refreshes
  • Provide 24/7/365 support in different landscapes (ECC, BW, SOLMAN, GRC and LANDING AREA)
  • Analyze regular system checks spanning all the SAP landscapes and provide miscellaneous protective dealings to diminish any security breaches
  • Setting up user printers within SAP, as well as promote the installation of front end graphical user interface across different continents for end users.
  • Design and maintain transports system landscapes and help business rules and designs spanning 5 different landscapes
  • Provide comprehensive SAP basis support with on call liabilities

Our Achievements as SAP Basis Support Consultant

  • Performed various upgrades excellently
  • 100+ systems managed in remote
  • Notable Experience in managing data center
  • Notable improvements to the business system
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • Reduced pricing of SAP basis support
  • Faster problem solving with streamlined processes
  • Improved scalability of the organization

Our SAP Basis Support and Your Benefits

  • Improved efficiency of the organization
  • Reduces cost of the security
  • Prevents application breakdown
  • Delivers reliable system
  • Prevents security breach and hence huge risk protection
  • Smoother and faster management experience
SAP Basis Support
SAP Basis Support