To keep your SAP system run impeccably, SAP basis services administration is an imperative task on which organization needs to pay considerable attention, which incorporates configuration, tuning, monitoring and troubleshooting SAP technical environment on the frequent basis in order to maximize the advantages of the SAP investment, however, in depth knowledge in networks, OS, database, business applications is obligatory other than the understanding of the internal SAP system and its operations.

VSD technologies is the pioneer in the SAP basis services administration service, has provided excellent SAP basis administration support to the 100+ organizations at a global level and hence embraces substantial grip in understanding the end user SAP landscape, including SAP internals and the underlying operating system, therefore are potent to deliver best in class SAP basis administration service and help you reap the long term value of SAP implementation.

SAP Basis Expert

Offshore or onshore, whatever type of sap basis services suits you, our team is ready to serve you with a security assurance. However, organizations are electing the offshore service for its low cost and high returns aspects. Our offshore SAP security basis administration service incorporates, facilitating the changing user rights definition, fine tuning performance, periodic backup / restore, etc and thusly delivers continuous SAP security administration support to rest you assured for the flawless SAP operations all through. Customer

  1. Initial assessment and service definition

Evaluate the scope, service levels and allot term contract.

  1. Knowledge transfer

Set up systems and perform the transfer of knowledge, procedures, reports.

  1. Execution

Provide remote execution

Why Companies Choose VSD Technologies?

  • Lower pricing of support
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Cutting edge tools, processes, and procedures
  • Liberty to concentrate on your business
  • The experience of serving 100+ organizations worldwide
  • True 24x7x365 support
  • Certified team of SAP savvy professionals
  • Offshore and onshore support availability

We as an SAP basis support consultant has proven to trustworthy SAP basis solution provider, delivering cost effective and risk free SAP basis service without compromising quality.

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